Friday, December 09, 2005

we're on a break

so here's where i'm at so far, but i need to take a break from her for a little bit. even though i only spend a few minutes a day on her when i can, i just gotta start something else at the same time. i should probably just finish this, but i feel caged, and i feel the urge to start something else too. maybe i got a case of a.d.d., i don't know. there's still a bunch of things i wanna paint on her, like her body markings, maybe hair since for some reason that just looks creepier, etc. etc.


Blogger Bruce Glidewell said...

Yo Playa, Those rib fins are looking really nice. I like the little diver in the background too. You should keep going and finish this.

Word to yo mutha

3:34 PM  

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