Wednesday, February 08, 2006

....and more penguin action....go!

just a continuation. we're going to up!

penguin craziness

so, for the past month or so i've been doing some freelance trying to design a penguin that would live in aquaman's ready room, his version of the batcave. i was told they were going to build it into a robot that would function on it's own. that's why there's some random expression drawings in there. whether they're going to do those or idea. they made me laugh though. at first i wasn't really given any direction to go with. they just said "go". so i just tried to figure out what kind of penguin would live in the ready room. things started getting a little cooky, so they decided on going more towards a buffed out superhero penguin, which is why the penguins start transitioning into hans and franz. i'll admit, i was getting a little frustrated with this project, more with myself than anything, but that's the way it goes. figured i'd share these little guys with ya anyway.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry xmas and happy holidays

had a couple hours before it turned christmas day, so i figured i'd bang out a little spanky moment for my friends and family. in case you were wondering, spanky's the name of the monkey. perverts.

Friday, December 09, 2005

we're on a break

so here's where i'm at so far, but i need to take a break from her for a little bit. even though i only spend a few minutes a day on her when i can, i just gotta start something else at the same time. i should probably just finish this, but i feel caged, and i feel the urge to start something else too. maybe i got a case of a.d.d., i don't know. there's still a bunch of things i wanna paint on her, like her body markings, maybe hair since for some reason that just looks creepier, etc. etc.

Monday, November 21, 2005

in prog

so somebody (i won't name names, but he posted a comment earlier. hahahahaha) wanted to see a paint in progress, so here ya go. i'm still trying to figure things out while i go, like the values of the painting itself, exact body structure, and the whole head thing is still kinda wacky. i might give her some hair, since it looks creepier that way. not sure though. still gotta figure out the "engraved" body and tail markings i want to put on there. trying to paint her in painter too. never used it before, but it's pretty fun to use so far. just a little different than i'm used to with photoshop, but i like the milky/paint look to it.

Monday, November 14, 2005

skitity sketch of a merlady

my honeybun. i'm so lucky to have a lady like her. hahahaha...just kidding. this is one of the versions of the merpeople that i did after reading harry potter and the goblet of fire. still not happy with her head, but i'm gonna start painting her anyway, cuz i just gotta start doing some painting.